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ADHI Schools
was founded by one real estate teacher with a simple, yet revolutionary idea
"People will learn more if they're interested and engaged."
Kartik Subramaniam
Adhi Schools Founder

"This isn't one of those times where the classroom and real life don't intersect" Explained Kartik Subramaniam, Adhi School's founder. "Our optional classroom lectures are designed to blend real world and academic in a very special way."

"Kartik Subramaniam is one of the most respected and well known real estate lecturers in the country."

We make the course material
interesting by imparting real life examples.

Our instructors are able to achieve results other real estate
education companies can only dream of.

Since 2003, Adhi Schools has helped students not only pass the examination but also build a career in real estate. We are invested in the success of our students. If you succeed, then we succeed.

Just take a look at where we hold our classes - inside of the largest names in real estate brokerage on the planet. These companies rely on us to provide real estate education services to their new agents. We won't let them or our students down.